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Workshops for Schools

Workshops for Schools

indigenous-dancerCurrently more than 30 schools have signed up for one or more of these presentations. Here is a synopsis of the presentations and target grades.

Blanket Exercise - 1hr 45min Grade 5 & Up This exercise is a revision of the original Kairos version. It takes its participants through the journey of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples from prior to first contact to today. It is an incredible journey of discovery in which students gain a further understanding of the development of the relationship we see today. This particular exercise is definitely an engaging, participatory activity for the students.

Haida Art - 1hr 30min Grade 4 & Up

This presentation deals specifically with the art form itself. That being said, history, beliefs and values and adaptation have always been key influences. Bill Montgomery, Indigenous Education Lead, explains how the art is created, how it has survived and transgressed. He also touches upon “cultural appropriation.”

They’re Not Just Stories… - 1hr Grade 5 & up
Many Indigenous Cultures did not have a word for “art.” Bill Montgomery, Indigenous Education Lead, explains how in his Haida culture, art and stories were living history, ceremonial requirements and key items of inter-tribal trade relations. He delicately intertwines these beliefs with Indigenous struggles to protect the land and how this continues to be at the forefront of many contested issues in today’s current events.

Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address, Medicine Wheel & Smudging - 1hr 30min All Grades
Indigenous groups have kept many spiritual beliefs alive through the darkest of times. Ceremony and beliefs are quite often the essence of their being. Bill Montgomery, Indigenous Education Lead, explains some of these beliefs, the Thanksgiving Address (The words that come before all else), the medicine wheel and will explain and participate in a smudging with the students.

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - 1hr Grade 7 & Up
Land claims and Indigenous rights have been of concern since "First Contact" with non-Indigenous peoples. Bill Montgomery, Indigenous Education Lead, provides a general understanding of what has transpired and perspective on these heatedly contested issues.

Open Discussion Grade 4 & Up
If there is a specific topic you wish to be discussed with your students not listed above, please feel free to contact Bill Montgomery, Indigenous Education Lead, to make arrangements. He can be reached at

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